ReversingLabs, a cybersecurity company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has recently secured $56 million in a series B funding round led by Crosspoint Capital Partners[1]. This significant investment will enable ReversingLabs to further develop their threat detection and analysis solutions, which are designed to combat software supply chain attacks. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of ReversingLabs’ 56M Series Crosspoint, as well as the implications of this funding round for the company’s future.

The 56M Series Crosspoint: Features and Benefits

The 56M Series Crosspoint is a powerful security solution offered by ReversingLabs[2]. It provides real-time threat detection and response capabilities, allowing organizations to identify and respond to advanced threats quickly and effectively. Built on ReversingLabs’ proprietary technology, the 56M Series Crosspoint offers several key features that make it a valuable asset in the fight against software supply chain attacks.

One of the notable features of the 56M Series Crosspoint is its ability to analyze large volumes of data in real-time[2]. This enables organizations to detect and respond to threats as they emerge, minimizing the potential impact of attacks. The solution also provides comprehensive visibility into the software supply chain, allowing organizations to identify any vulnerabilities or suspicious activities that could compromise their systems.

Another key benefit of the 56M Series Crosspoint is its advanced threat intelligence capabilities[2]. The solution leverages ReversingLabs’ extensive knowledge base and machine learning algorithms to identify and classify threats accurately. This helps organizations prioritize their response efforts and allocate resources effectively.

Furthermore, the 56M Series Crosspoint offers integration with existing security infrastructure[2]. This ensures seamless compatibility with other security tools and allows organizations to leverage their existing investments. By consolidating threat detection and response capabilities, the solution streamlines security operations and enhances overall efficiency.

Implications of the Funding Round

The $56 million series B funding round led by Crosspoint Capital Partners signifies a significant milestone for ReversingLabs[1]. The investment not only validates the company’s innovative approach to combating software supply chain attacks but also provides the necessary resources to accelerate their growth and expand their market presence.

With this funding, ReversingLabs can further enhance their threat detection and analysis solutions, ensuring they remain at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. The company can invest in research and development, enabling them to continuously improve their technology and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Moreover, the funding round allows ReversingLabs to expand its team and attract top talent in the cybersecurity industry[3]. This will strengthen the company’s capabilities and expertise, enabling them to deliver even more robust solutions to their customers.

The participation of ForgePoint Capital and Prelude in the funding round also highlights the confidence that investors have in ReversingLabs’ vision and potential[3]. This support from prominent venture capital firms further solidifies ReversingLabs’ position as a leading player in the cybersecurity market.


ReversingLabs’ successful series B funding round of $56 million led by Crosspoint Capital Partners demonstrates the growing recognition of the importance of combating software supply chain attacks. With their 56M Series Crosspoint, ReversingLabs offers a powerful security solution that provides real-time threat detection and response capabilities. This funding will enable ReversingLabs to continue developing innovative solutions and expanding their market presence. As cyber threats continue to evolve, ReversingLabs is well-positioned to help organizations protect their software supply chains and safeguard against potential attacks.