Blocks, a Netherlandsbased blocks 33m capitalehlingerhypepotamus startup that provides a platform for companies to manage their subscriptions and recurring payments, has raised €33 million in capital from Dutch investors. The funding round was led by Dutch venture capital firm Capitalehlinger and included participation from Hypepotamus, a US-based startup accelerator.

Streamlining Subscription Management

Blocks’ platform streamlines the process of managing subscriptions and recurring payments for companies of all sizes. The platform allows businesses to easily set up and manage subscriptions, track customer data, and automate billing and invoicing. This can help companies save time and money by reducing manual processes and improving cash flow. The company’s platform is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor their subscription management processes to their specific needs. This can help companies improve customer retention by providing a more personalized experience for subscribers.

Expanding into New Markets

With the new funding, Blocks plans to expand its platform into new markets and further develop its technology. The company also plans to hire additional staff to support its growth. Blocks’ CEO, Pieter van der Does, said in a statement, “We thrilled to have the support of Capitalehlinger and Hypepotamus as we continue to grow our business. This funding will allow us to expand our platform into new markets and further develop our technology, helping more businesses streamline their subscription management processes.”


Blocks’ platform provides a valuable service for businesses looking to streamline their subscription management processes. With the support of Dutch investors, the company well-positioned to expand into new markets and continue developing its technology. As more companies turn to subscription-based models. Platforms like Blocks will become increasingly important for managing recurring payments and improving customer retention.