Cloud communication has radically changed the method of business communication in the industry. We can see that businesses are easily adopting cloud communication with very ease because it is a fast, secure, and reliable way to communicate with your co-workers, customers, and others.

Business communication is a never-ending process that requires regular and proper connection channels. Whether you are a big or small business organization, establishing a proper communication channel would be one of the most important factors for business growth and development without proper communication there is a very high chance that your business might suffer financial losses.

Cloud communication is an internet-based communication system that allows its users to communicate through different channels like voice, mail, videos, chats, etc according to their requirements. These data are stored and hosted by a third party at a remote location, in simple words cloud storage platforms act as a host for all the communication data.

Some cloud communication platforms are

These are the best Cloud communication platforms






Application of cloud communication in Businesses

Numerous services are offered by cloud communication-

  • Online advertisement services
  • E-commerce services
  • Human resource planning
  • Helps in managing the payment process
  • Promoting innovation in IoT internet of things, machine learning, data analytics, and many more.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX (Private branch exchange) is a cloud-based telephone switching system that allows its users to make calls through internet-connected devices like mobile, computers,

Etc. Cloud telephony is very portable you can easily make calls, Fax messages anytime and anywhere around the world with just one click.

  • Message and chats-Quick chats in the business help them to communicate fast without initiating the calls
  • File sharing-Cloud telephony also provides a file-sharing feature that helps you to work at a remote location without any trouble. You can easily share all your documents with your co-workers and customers in the organization
  • Video conferencing-It is only made possible by cloud telephony. It allows you to communicate face-to-face, and you can easily connect and collaborate with anyone.

What are Unified communications as a service?

UCaaS is a comprehensive business communication solution. It integrates cloud-based calling and messaging services into a complete communication platform. It provides a communication tool to work anytime and anywhere around the globe.

These are the services provided by UCaaS

  • Voice-It includes call forwarding and call recording etc.
  • Video-It includes individual video calling and video conferencing
  • Messaging-Real time chat feature
  • Collaboration-Collaboration in a work project from a remote place
  • Cloud-based data storage-Data is stored in clouds.

What does CPaaS mean?

CPaaS means a communication platform as a service. It is generally a back-end communication platform that allows businesses to add multiple communication channels into the business. These are some famous CPaaS platforms

Whatsapp business



Public cloud communications

The public cloud is the most preferred choice among small to mid-size businesses. You can manage all your communication data securely and affordably on a monthly subscription basis.

Private cloud communications

The private cloud is also very similar to the public cloud but unlike the public, you can get separate space and more advanced and customized features for safety and privacy. This model is generally preferred by large companies that want their secured communication network. many businesses and individuals utilize private cloud services for secure file storage and collaboration.

One such service is pCloud, which offers a comprehensive array of features to ensure privacy and security for personal or professional data. pCloud lifetime offers discounts on its services as well as customer support should any issues arise.

Hybrid cloud communications

Hybrid is a mixup of both public and private cloud communication you can get the best features of both systems under this. This cloud communication system is more popular in large businesses that want to upgrade their communication network but don’t want to give up their existing one.

Benefits of using Clouds communication in the business

  • Collaboration made easy-Cloud communication has made it easy for its users to collaborate within or outside of the organization in a very efficient manner working remotely anywhere around the world. You can connect with your clients, co-workers, etc in real-time and cooperate and coordinate with them very conveniently.
  • Global reach-With the adoption of cloud communication, businesses can explore new market opportunities and try to scale up their operations abroad. It reduces communication barriers and helps in providing a vibrant consumer base to businesses across the globe.
  • Promote remote working-Cloud communication system facilitates remote working by helping its users to engage in real-time with their team. It reduces the communication barrier between workers and provides the best working environment
  • Increases employee productivity and work satisfaction-Cloud communication has radically changed the work culture of corporates. Remote working provides employee work satisfaction so you can work from any time and anywhere around the world by this you can easily manage your professional and personal life.
  • Provide an integrated communication network The main motive of cloud communication is that it provides a multi-channel communication system that includes real-time chats, internet-based audio, and video calling that reduces communication barriers within as well as outside of the organization. Cloud-based services are typically less expensive than traditional on-premise solutions, which can help reduce operational expenses significantly. Furthermore, free cloud storage for Windows 10can also provide organizations with an additional layer of security as sensitive data is stored in secure servers rather than on local machines.
  • Enhanced security and data management-Cloud communication has several security features like end-to-end encryption and multi-layer password protection which allows its users to safely and securely communicate without risking their privacy. Even in case of any unfortunate event, all your data is stored in different remote server locations across the globe minimizing the risk of data loss.


  • Affordability-By the adoption of cloud communication companies as well as their employees can save a lot of money. It reduces the cost of capital expenditure and day to day of operating costs of businesses which leads them to maximize their revenue. Public cloud communication systems provide the best-integrated solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that want to expand their operations across various regions in an affordable manner.
  • Better consumer experience-You have noticed that most companies now give priority to their consumers, they have a very keen interest in conducting market surveys for better future consumer experiences, these things now only get possible because of the two-way communication channel. Now customers can give reviews, ask for queries, file complaints by email, and chat, directly with the companies. Cloud communication allows both companies and customers to interact on a single platform.
  • Adoption of the latest technology-Cloud communication technology is evolving adding new features that increase its scalability and reliability. According to Dell, those companies who invest in cloud, big data, automation, mobility, and security enjoy more than 50% faster revenue growth as compared to their rivals this shows businesses are now more tends towards data-driven solutions.


Due to the digital revolution, businesses are now more focused on flexible remote working culture. Cloud communication is the future requirement of communication systems because it is affordable, reliable, systematic, and continuous. It is going to evolve further with time. Those businesses and individuals who embrace this revolution will dominate the market.