NATA & JEE Paper

A candidate may take the JEE Mains twice a year for three consecutive years. Therefore, a candidate will be permitted to appear in JEE Mains six times. For admission to programs like B. Arch and B. Planning at various NATA & JEE Paper, GFTIs, IIITs, and CFTIs, JEE Mains Paper-2 is required. Either 12th graders who have earned degrees in physics, math, and chemistry or diploma students who have finished their degrees are eligible to take the JEE Mains exam.

Program at several architectural institutions across India, candidates must pass the NATA. The Council of Architecture only just made the NATA brochure public. Candidates for diplomas are ineligible to participate in NATA. NATA requires a 12th-grade pass in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics as eligibility requirements. NATA will be conducted by COA twice this year.

Who conducts the test?

The JEE B. Arch paper is administered by CBSE, whereas the Council of Architecture issues the NATA test. Despite the differences in the two examinations’ formats, it is widely held that JEE Mains is more challenging to pass than NATA because it concentrates on mathematics. 

How was the exam structured?

The students can take both online and offline exams for NATA. They must take three offline components of the JEE exam. You should get NATA Books pdf Download  and attend the test. It is divided into two sections: an aptitude test with multiple-choice questions and an offline drawing section. These two components add up to 200 marks overall. The JEE Mains Paper 2 test is composed of multiple-choice questions, and students receive a failing grade for each incorrect response.While JEE Mains examines students on their Mathematical ability at a slightly higher level than NATA, NATA tests students on all themes relevant to the general aptitude of drawing and architecture, such as the history and present concepts of structures, monuments, and logos. These three sections add up to a total of 390 points.


It cannot be accessible at times because JEE Paper & NATA paper is three hours long,

Level of difficulty:

Because of the increasing level of difficulty and negative marking in the JEE Paper, scores may be impacted. Only the top students can achieve high marks because of how the papers are constructed. In contrast, NATA has a somewhat challenging level. Careful planning is less intimidating, and one can perform admirably if one has the necessary abilities and enthusiasm.

Several seats:

The overall number of seats at colleges employing JEE Paper results is significantly smaller than the number available in NATA colleges. As a result, the competition for JEE Paper is more intense.

Testing skills:

While the NATA exam mainly assesses math and critical thinking abilities, the JEE Paper exam primarily measures aptitude and math capabilities. A more wide-ranging set of skill sets would provide a more precise indicator of one’s suitability for the course.

JEE highlights:

For admission to the B.Arch. and B. Planning programs at several reputable NITs, GFTIs, IIITs, and CFTIs, focus on JEE Main Paper. National Testing Agency administers the admission examination twice a year. An applicant may show up for the test twice a year for three years. In total, the candidate has six chances to show up for the exam.

Candidates must have passed Class 12 or another qualifying test with Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics or be diploma students who have earned their degree to be eligible to take the JEE Main examination.

NATA highlights:

The National Aptitude Test is an entrance exam that the Council of Architecture administers for candidates seeking admission to B.Arch. Programs at reputable architecture colleges across the nation. Candidates for diplomas are ineligible to take the NATA exam. Passing Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics in your 12th grade is a requirement for NATA eligibility. 

Comparative analysis:

The two exams above are given for admission to the B. Arch course. Between these two exams, certain universities favor one over the other for the entrance exam. Even though these tests have varied eligibility requirements, some of their needs are similar and have similar difficulty levels. You should attend NATA Entrance Exam 2023 and get good marks to get a seat in the best college. NATA evaluates a student’s aptitude for studying architecture. While JEE Mains Paper 2 evaluates a student’s math and drawing skills, it also considers their critical thinking abilities.

After deciding to pursue a rewarding profession in architecture and planning, you should make every effort to enroll in the most prestigious college in the nation. This is doable with careful planning and practice. As this topic of study is in high demand and is extremely enjoyable and rewarding, it will help if you maintain your focus and optimism. The course is structured to receive training in every facet of architecture. It is the ideal technique to support you in locating your area of expertise and establishing yourself in the ensuing years.