A quick online database that doesn’t require programming is called Trunao Portal. A Web database can be created quickly by importing Excel as well. The recently constructed database also works well on tablets and mobile devices. The entire set of screens and functionality is available for use after only a short period of creation. Features like row level attachments, column level activity logs, reports, hierarchy, and many more. 

Without knowing any code, it will create forms, asset management trackers, contact ists, and surveys. Trunao is the online Spreadsheet editorand it obtains features such as grid, Pivot Table, report builder, and document image attachment. Additionally, you can quickly include the database on your website. In this post, you can see what Trunao can do for your business:

Features of Trunao


Using simply a link, you can get information from your clients. Forms are generated automatically. Use drag and drop to alter them easilyTrunao is an excellent online spreadsheet editor.

Built-in Filter & Sorts

The Sorting and Filters are predefined. A filter for that column is automatically applied if the column is visible. A quick all column filter is additionally offered.

Secured Share

Share your online database with your family and friends with the necessary permissions. The column formulas and values are under your control.

Simple task management 

All displays have autosaving built in. Users won’t lose data due to her forgetting to click Save. Plus, even if the user doesn’t click submit, you still get all your data via Forms.

Each entry can have documents or photos attached, or you can add a column just for them. It is similar to having DropBox linked to your records.

Column Level Property

Utilizing their simple editor, you may modify column-level features. Only the administrator can edit formulas. All modifications made to columns take effect immediately without affecting all cells.

Ultra-fast development 

No software installation. You quickly enter the form listing. Accessing your form and data is quick and simple if your browser is loaded. Screens scroll quite quickly. You have an option for adding and changing a listing. Regardless of the number of records, there is always a load time.

Data loss safety and backup

The fact that the data is on the cloud means that even if a frustrated employee leaves a company, the information is still safe and secure. Data is backed up, making it possible to restore it swiftly in a disaster.

Cloud system and its Security

The cloud contains your info. Data is secure and has backups. A local catastrophe won’t impact the loss of data. All connections are encrypted with HTTPS. Data is separated and protected at all times.

Excel to Web Application

Office web applications are excel programs that are online-based and let you read and edit Microsoft Office documents. Due to Excel’s limitations, your Web application concept can only generate so much cash. You should use Excel for web application development if you want to design an excel web application. Excel spreadsheets will advance thanks to Trunao’s industry-leading no-code app builder and integrated online database. A Trunao board is an excellent solution for anyone who wishes to track their activities, initiatives, and progress more visibly with all the information available.

You can convert your Excel spreadsheet into a free online application in minutes using a feature-rich no-code app builder. With the help of Trunao – excel to web application, you can create robust reports that let you view your data in various ways to suit your particular business needs. Using the drag-and-drop report builder interface, you can drill down into the current reports in your Trunao app and view them as Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

The above listed are about what Trunao can do for your business. Small and medium-sized organizations that want to manage and preserve their database in the cloud for that Trunao is the best platform.