Sources 1.09b kong usfiorettibloomberg, a leading online travel booking platform, has raised $1.09 billion in its Hong Kong listing. The company, formerly known as Ctrip, is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “9961”. The funds raised will be used to expand the company’s business and invest in technology.

The Details of the Listing

The listing was oversubscribed, with strong demand from institutional investors. sold 31.6 million shares at HKD 268 ($34.50) per share, which was at the top end of its indicative price range. The company’s market capitalization is now around HKD 264 billion ($34 billion). The listing is a significant milestone for, which founded in 1999. The company has grown rapidly over the years and now operates in more than 200 countries and regions. It offers a wide range of travel services, including flights, hotels, vacation packages, and attraction tickets.

The Future of has ambitious plans for the future. The company aims to become the world’s largest online travel platform by offering a seamless and personalized travel experience to its customers. It plans to achieve this goal by investing in technology and expanding its business into new markets. One area of focus for is artificial intelligence (AI). The company developed an AI-powered chatbot that can assist customers with their travel needs. The chatbot uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand customer queries and provide personalized recommendations. Another area of focus for is sustainability. The company has launched a green travel initiative that encourages customers to choose eco-friendly travel options. It also partners with hotels and airlines that have sustainable practices.

Conclusion’s successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is a testament to the company’s strong business model and growth potential. With the funds raise, can continue to invest in technology and expand its business into new markets. The company’s focus on AI and sustainability is also commendable and shows its commitment to providing a seamless and responsible travel experience to its customers.