Rewind, a data backup and recovery platform for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, recently announced that it has raised $65 million in a series B round of funding [1]. This significant investment will enable the company to expand its services and further develop its backup platform to cover more SaaS applications. Rewind was established in 2015 and is based in Ottawa, Canada. Initially, the company provided data backup services for companies using Shopify, BigCommerce, and Intuit QuickBooks. However, in early 2021, Rewind acquired BackHub, allowing it to extend its support to GitHub, and later added support for Trello [2]. With this recent funding, Rewind aims to scale its efforts in providing backup and recovery solutions for widely used SaaS tools for businesses [4].

The Growing Importance of Data Backup for SaaS Applications

As businesses increasingly rely on SaaS applications to streamline their operations, the need for robust data backup and recovery solutions becomes paramount. SaaS applications store critical business data in the cloud, making them vulnerable to various risks such as accidental deletion, data corruption, or security breaches. Without a reliable backup system in place, businesses can face significant disruptions and potential loss of valuable information.

Rewind recognized this growing need early on and positioned itself as a trusted provider of data backup services for popular SaaS applications. Initially catering to Shopify, BigCommerce, and Intuit QuickBooks users, Rewind quickly expanded its support to include GitHub and Trello through strategic acquisitions [2]. This expansion demonstrates Rewind’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of businesses relying on a wide range of SaaS tools.

 Series B Funding and Growth Opportunities

The recent series B funding round led by Insight Partners has provided Rewind with a substantial financial boost of $65 million [3]. This investment will be instrumental in fueling the company’s growth and expansion plans. Rewind intends to utilize the funds to increase its employee headcount and further enhance its backup platform to cover additional SaaS applications [3].

By expanding its support to more SaaS tools, Rewind aims to become a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for businesses across various industries. This strategic move will enable the company to tap into a broader customer base and solidify its position as a leader in the data backup market for SaaS applications.

 Addressing Data Security Concerns

Data security is a top priority for businesses, especially when it comes to sensitive information stored in the cloud. Rewind understands the importance of protecting valuable data from unauthorized access, data breaches, or other security threats. The company employs robust encryption protocols and follows industry best practices to ensure the highest level of data security for its customers.

With its backup and recovery solutions, Rewind provides businesses with peace of mind, knowing that their critical data is securely stored and can be easily restored in the event of data loss or system failures. This level of data protection is crucial for businesses operating in highly regulated industries or those handling sensitive customer information.

 The Future of Rewind and the Backup Market

As the reliance on SaaS applications continues to grow, the demand for reliable data backup and recovery solutions is expected to rise. Rewind’s recent series B funding positions the company well to capitalize on this market trend. With its expanded support for a wide range of SaaS tools, Rewind is poised to attract more customers seeking comprehensive backup solutions.

Furthermore, the investment will enable Rewind to invest in research and development, allowing the company to stay ahead of emerging technologies and evolving customer needs. By continuously innovating its backup platform, Rewind can maintain its competitive edge and solidify its position as a trusted provider in the data backup market for SaaS applications.


Rewind’s recent $65 million series B funding round marks a significant milestone for the company. With this investment, Rewind is well-positioned to expand its services, increase its employee headcount, and enhance its backup platform to cover more SaaS applications. As businesses increasingly rely on SaaS tools, the need for reliable data backup and recovery solutions becomes crucial. Rewind’s commitment to data security and its comprehensive approach to backup and recovery make it a valuable partner for businesses seeking to protect their critical data in the cloud