In a move to expand its presence in the mobile gaming industry, Scopely, a leading mobile games giant, has recently invested $20 million in Burlingame Studios, a newly-formed game development outfit based in California [1]. This strategic partnership aims to leverage the expertise of both companies to create innovative and engaging mobile games that will captivate players worldwide. With this significant investment, Scopely is demonstrating its commitment to fostering new talent and pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming.


1. The Rise of Burlingame Studios

Burlingame Studios, led by Chief Executive Chris McGill, is a California-based game development team that focuses on creating mobile-first games [2]. The studio comprises industry veterans with extensive experience in developing casual games [4]. The partnership with Scopely not only provides financial support but also opens doors for collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the two companies. This investment will enable Burlingame Studios to accelerate its growth and bring its creative vision to life.

2. The Significance of the Investment

Scopely’s investment of $20 million in Burlingame Studios underscores the company’s confidence in the potential of the studio’s talent and the future of mobile gaming [3]. This substantial financial backing will allow Burlingame Studios to invest in cutting-edge technology, recruit top talent, and develop high-quality games that resonate with players. Moreover, Scopely’s investment serves as a testament to the studio’s capabilities and positions Burlingame Studios as a key player in the competitive mobile gaming market.

3. Expanding Scopely’s Mobile Gaming Empire

Scopely’s investment in Burlingame Studios is part of the company’s broader strategy to expand its reach and diversify its game portfolio [1]. In addition to this investment, Scopely invested $50 million across three European studios in the previous year, further solidifying its position as a global leader in mobile gaming [5]. By partnering with Burlingame Studios, Scopely aims to tap into the studio’s expertise in casual game development and leverage its innovative ideas to create compelling gaming experiences for a wide range of players.

4. The Future of Mobile Gaming

The collaboration between Scopely and Burlingame Studios represents a significant step forward in the evolution of mobile gaming. With the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of mobile devices, the demand for immersive and engaging gaming experiences continues to grow. By combining Scopely’s industry expertise and resources with Burlingame Studios’ fresh perspective and creative talent, this partnership has the potential to redefine the boundaries of mobile gaming and deliver unforgettable experiences to players worldwide.


Scopely’s $20 million investment in Burlingame Studios marks an exciting chapter in the mobile gaming industry. This strategic partnership not only showcases Scopely’s commitment to fostering innovation but also highlights the immense potential of Burlingame Studios’ talented team. As the mobile gaming market continues to thrive, collaborations like this will shape the future of the industry, bringing forth groundbreaking games that captivate players and push the boundaries of what is possible in mobile gaming.