Sweden-based startup Hiber has recently announced the successful completion of its $15 million Series A funding round. The company, known for its IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity platform, aims to utilize the funds to expand its global reach and further develop its technology. Hiber’s innovative approach to IoT connectivity has garnered significant attention from investors, including venture capital firm Takahashi VentureBeat.

Revolutionizing IoT connectivity

Hiber has been at the forefront of revolutionizing IoT connectivity by providing affordable and accessible solutions for remote areas. The company’s platform enables devices to connect to the internet using low-power, low-cost satellite connectivity. This breakthrough technology eliminates the need for traditional cellular networks, making it ideal for areas with limited infrastructure or challenging terrain.

The Hiber platform consists of two main components: Hiberband, the satellite network, and Hiberstack, the software that enables seamless integration with existing IoT devices. By leveraging satellite connectivity, Hiber ensures global coverage, allowing devices to transmit data from anywhere on the planet. This opens up a world of possibilities for industries such as agriculture, logistics, and environmental monitoring.

Expanding global reach

With the successful completion of its Series A funding round, Hiber is now poised to expand its global reach and bring its innovative technology to even more remote areas. The $15 million investment will be used to enhance the company’s satellite network infrastructure and increase its capacity to handle a growing number of connected devices.

Hiber’s expansion plans include establishing partnerships with local telecom operators in different regions to ensure seamless integration with existing networks. This approach will enable Hiber to leverage the infrastructure already in place and provide cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide.

Driving innovation in multiple industries

Hiber’s IoT connectivity platform has the potential to drive innovation across various industries. In agriculture, for example, farmers can utilize Hiber’s technology to monitor soil moisture levels, weather conditions, and crop health in real-time. This data enables them to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, leading to increased efficiency and reduced resource wastage.

Logistics companies can also benefit from Hiber’s platform by tracking the location and condition of their assets in real-time. This allows for better inventory management, improved supply chain visibility, and enhanced security. Additionally, environmental monitoring organizations can leverage Hiber’s technology to collect data on air quality, water pollution, and wildlife habitats, aiding in conservation efforts.

Investor confidence and future prospects

The successful completion of the $15 million Series A funding round is a testament to the investor confidence in Hiber’s innovative IoT connectivity platform. Takahashi VentureBeat’s participation in the funding round further validates the company’s potential for growth and disruption in the market.

Hiber’s future prospects look promising as the demand for IoT connectivity continues to rise. With its unique satellite-based solution, the company is well-positioned to address the connectivity challenges faced by remote areas and industries that require global coverage. As Hiber expands its global reach and enhances its technology, it is likely to attract more customers and solidify its position as a leader in the IoT connectivity space.


Hiber’s $15 million Series A funding round marks a significant milestone for the Sweden-based startup. With its innovative IoT connectivity platform, the company is revolutionizing the way devices connect to the internet, particularly in remote areas. The investment will enable Hiber to expand its global reach, enhance its infrastructure, and drive innovation across multiple industries. As the demand for IoT connectivity continues to grow, Hiber’s unique satellite-based solution positions it as a key player in the market.