Joseph Hugh Moglia, widely known as Joe Moglia, is an American businessman and former football coach. He gained recognition during his tenure as the head football coach at Coastal Carolina University, where he led the team through a significant transition from the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) to the NCAA Division . While Moglia’s coaching career has been impressive, his net worth has also attracted attention. In this article, we will delve into Joe Moglia’s net worth, exploring various sources and estimates to gain a comprehensive understanding of his financial standing.

1. Moglia’s Background and Career

Joe Moglia’s journey to success is a testament to his diverse skill set and determination. Before entering the world of football coaching, Moglia had a successful career in the business world. He served as the CEO of TD Ameritrade, one of the largest online brokerage firms in the United States. During his time at TD Ameritrade, Moglia played a crucial role in transforming the company into a major player in the industry. His leadership skills and business acumen earned him recognition and respect.

In 2008, SEC filings revealed that Moglia’s compensation package reached an astounding $21 million, with other years seeing him earn over $10 million. These figures highlight the significant financial success he achieved during his tenure as CEO of TD Ameritrade.

2. Estimating Moglia’s Net Worth

Determining an individual’s net worth can be challenging, as it often involves speculation and estimation. Joe Moglia’s net worth has been a subject of interest, with various sources providing different figures. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Moglia’s net worth is estimated to be $24 million. This figure takes into account his earnings from both his coaching career and his time as the CEO of TD Ameritrade.

It is important to note that Moglia has consistently denied being a billionaire, despite reports suggesting otherwise. Monte Burke’s book, as mentioned in a Grantland article, estimated his net worth to be around $1.2 billion [2]. However, Moglia himself has insisted that he is not a billionaire. While the exact figure remains uncertain, it is clear that Moglia has accumulated substantial wealth throughout his career.

3. Moglia’s Coaching Career

Joe Moglia’s coaching career began in 2012 when he took on the role of head football coach at Coastal Carolina University. Despite having no prior experience leading a major football program, Moglia’s business acumen and leadership skills were seen as valuable assets for the team. Under his guidance, Coastal Carolina experienced significant success, including winning the Big South Conference Championship in 2012 and 2013.

Moglia’s coaching career at Coastal Carolina was not solely driven by financial gain. In fact, he took a significant pay cut to pursue his passion for coaching. According to USA Today, Moglia’s compensation package in 2018 was only $175,000, significantly lower than his previous earnings. This decision showcased his dedication to the sport and his desire to make a positive impact on the lives of young athletes.

4. Moglia’s Impact and Legacy

Joe Moglia’s impact extends beyond his financial success and coaching achievements. His unique background and unconventional path to coaching have inspired many individuals. Moglia’s ability to combine his business expertise with his passion for football has made him a role model for aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs alike.

Furthermore, Moglia’s emphasis on leadership development and character-building has left a lasting legacy at Coastal Carolina University. His coaching philosophy focused not only on winning games but also on shaping young athletes into well-rounded individuals prepared for success both on and off the field.


Joe Moglia’s net worth is a topic of interest due to his successful careers in both business and coaching. While the exact figure remains uncertain, estimates suggest that his net worth is around $24 million. Moglia’s journey from the business world to coaching has been remarkable, and his impact on Coastal Carolina University’s football program is undeniable. Regardless of his financial standing, Moglia’s legacy as a leader and mentor will continue to inspire future generations.