When you think of a big, ferocious bear, you automatically think of the brown bear. They are interesting creatures with a robust and cunning personality. These animals are unpredictable creatures, and you never know what they might do next. If you are scared of the brown bear, you probably do not know much about them. 

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Interesting facts about brown bears

  • Brown bears are everywhere.

The brown bear lives in various continents and countries and is the most widespread species. It lives in North America, Asia, and Europe. Interestingly, it is also the national animal of Finland. In the United States, brown bears are found in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Katmai National Park, Glacier National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. 

  • Brown bears have a strong sense of smell. 

Brown bears have a really good sense of smell. While dogs can sniff food and disgusting things and have a smelling power 300 times more than humans, brown bears have a smelling power of 100 times better than dogs. This helps the creature protect their little ones from the danger of other animals and find food and shelter. Brown bears can smell carcasses from about 20 miles away. 

  • Brown bears hibernate during the winter. 

Like many other animals, brown bears seek shelter and go to sleep for a long time during the cold months. Just before the winter, during the fall season, bears munch on enough food to go the entire winter without having to hunt for more food. Since there is a scarcity of food during the winter, bears hibernate. They begin hibernating from October/December to March/May. The further North they live, the longer they hibernate. 

  • Brown bears can both be small and big. 

There are two brown bears that are generally recognized: the coastal brown bear and the inland grizzly. The herbivorous grizzlies can weigh as little as 350 lbs, but the carnivorous brown bear that solely eats salmon can weigh 1500 lbs. 

If you or your kids find bears or wildlife interesting, you should do more activities that help you get closer to nature. Brown Grizzly bears are some of the most interesting creatures alive. Visit a national park today.