The optimization of any website in terms of SEO is practically impossible without content. Search engines are tuned to detect quality content and promote it to the top of the search results pages. One of the levers of influence appreciated by Google and other search engines is the quality and quantity of backlinks that point out to your website from other online resources.

Gaining backlinks has always been a major part of the off-page SEO strategy for ranking the content high. When different types of backlinks pointing to your website, the chances of achieving a better ranking increase. A smart andĀ useful backlink strategy effectively helps your website to be more visible on Google. The quality of content is very important as well, however, it is not always necessary to create new articles and pages when you aim to gain new backlinks to your website.

You may take advantage of the existing content on your website within your link-building strategy. It does not mean that you should copy and paste content from published pages to new ones as this would be considered plagiarism. On the contrary, try promoting the pages that you published some time ago by relying on the methods provided below.

Benefit from internal linking

Many marketers and webmasters focus on buy cheap backlinks from other authoritative resources, which is definitely right. However, many of them forget about the potential of internal backlinks and the benefits they bring. In fact, internal backlinking is valued by Google as much as incoming links. It helps search engine crawlers to better understand the website structure and equalize the authority of various pages within the same website.

Review all the pages and articles on your website before going for internal backlinking. Think of where it would be appropriate to insert links to other pages of your website. If needed, feel free some sentences of extra passage so that the link is organically embedded into the web page.

Use social media platforms

It is really hard to find a person who does not have an account on at least one of the social media platforms. Previously, Facebook and Instagram, for instance, were the whim of the younger generation mostly. These days elder people also tend to create their social media accounts to not chunk away lots of opportunities brought with those.

Recently, such platforms as Facebook and Instagram are being actively used by businesses for commercial purposes. Most companies tend to create social media accounts to reach larger audiences. So why not create a post and share the link to your article then? This will attract attention to your content so that others would want to share it as well. As a result, you will gain more backlinks incoming to your website.

Build partnerships

Collaboration is highly important for any business in terms of growth and development. It also means much when referring to SEO and backlink management. Partnering with other companies allows for better operational capacity, expanded target audience, and other benefits.

When you cooperate with other businesses, you may also ask them for linking back to your website from their online resources. This can be done for already existing content for its promotion as well as for the recently published articles. That way more people will get to know about your company.