Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) offers players a wide range of collectible items, including statues. One such statue is the Gallant Statue, which is based on Michelangelo’s famous sculpture, David. However, players need to be cautious as there are both genuine and fake versions of this statue available. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the Gallant Statue, including how to spot the fake, how to obtain it, and its significance in the game.

Real and Fake Comparison

The Gallant Statue can be found in both genuine and fake forms  To distinguish between the two, players must carefully examine certain details. In the genuine version, David’s face will have a calm expression, while the fake version may have a different facial expression or exaggerated features . Additionally, the positioning of David’s left hand is crucial. In the genuine statue, David’s left hand covers his groin area, while in the fake version, the hand may be positioned differently  These subtle differences are essential to identify the authenticity of the Gallant Statue.

How to Spot the Fake

Spotting a fake Gallant Statue requires attention to detail. In addition to examining David’s face and hand placement, players should also pay close attention to the texture and color of the statue. The genuine version will have a smooth texture and a consistent color throughout On the other hand, the fake version may have visible brushstrokes or uneven coloring. By carefully inspecting these characteristics, players can easily identify whether they have obtained a genuine Gallant Statue or a forgery.

How to Get the Gallant Statue

Obtaining the Gallant Statue can be a challenging task for players. The primary source for acquiring this statue is Jolly Redd, a shady character who occasionally visits the player’s island to sell artwork and other rare items However, players must be cautious, as Jolly Redd also sells fake versions of the Gallant Statue  It is essential to carefully examine the statue before making a purchase to ensure its authenticity. Alternatively, players can also trade with other players or visit other islands to find the genuine Gallant Statue.

Gallant Statue: Museum Description and Significance

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have the option to donate the Gallant Statue to the museum. Once donated, players can visit the museum and read the description provided by Blathers, the owl who runs the museum. The Gallant Statue’s museum description emphasizes its historical significance as a replica of Michelangelo’s David  Blathers also mentions that the statue is a testament to the skill and artistry of ancient sculptors  This highlights the educational aspect of the game, as players can learn about famous artworks and their historical importance through the Gallant Statue.


The Gallant Statue in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a valuable collectible item that adds depth and historical significance to the game. By carefully examining its details, players can distinguish between genuine and fake versions  Obtaining the genuine Gallant Statue can be a challenging task, but it adds value to a player’s collection. Moreover, by donating it to the museum, players can learn about its historical significance and appreciate the artistry behind Michelangelo’s David .So, keep an eye out for Jolly Redd’s visits and make sure to spot the real Gallant Statue to enhance your Animal Crossing experience.