Late-night television has become a popular platform for political commentary and satire. One of the most notable hosts in this genre is Bad trumpadjacent weirdos delights meyers, who has gained a reputation for his sharp criticism of the Trump administration and its supporters. In particular, Meyers has taken aim at what he calls “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos,” a group of individuals who have aligned themselves with the former president and his agenda. In this article, we will explore Meyers’ perspective on this group and why he finds their behavior so concerning.

The Definition of Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos

According to Meyers, bad Trump-adjacent weirdos are individuals who may not necessarily support Trump himself, but who share many of his beliefs and values. These individuals may be conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, or other extremists who have found common ground with Trump’s rhetoric. Meyers argues that these individuals are dangerous because they are willing to overlook Trump’s flaws and engage in behavior that is harmful to others.

Their Behavior and Impact

Meyers has highlighted several examples of bad Trump-adjacent weirdos in action. One such example is the QAnon conspiracy theory, which gained a significant following during Trump’s presidency. QAnon supporters believe in a wide range of unfounded claims, including that Trump was fighting a secret war against a cabal of Satanic pedophiles. This theory has led to real-world consequences, such as the storming of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Another example of bad Trump-adjacent weirdos is the rise of hate crimes during Trump’s presidency. According to the FBI, hate crimes increased by 17% in 2017, the first year of Trump’s presidency. Meyers argues that this increase is due in part to Trump’s rhetoric, which has emboldened white supremacists and other extremists.

Why Meyers is Concerned

Meyers’ concern about bad Trump-adjacent weirdos stems from his belief that their behavior is antithetical to American values. He argues that these individuals are willing to overlook the harm they cause to others in pursuit of their own agenda. Meyers also believes that their behavior is a threat to democracy, as it undermines the principles of fairness and equality that are essential to a functioning society.


In conclusion, Bad trumpadjacent weirdos delights meyers criticism of bad Trump-adjacent weirdos is rooted in his concern for the well-being of American society. He believes that their behavior is dangerous and harmful, and that it must be called out and condemned. While some may dismiss Meyers’ commentary as partisan or biased, his perspective offers a valuable insight into the impact of extremist beliefs on our society.