If you’re looking for an EMR system for your practice, AthenaHealth is one of the best options. This cloud-based medical software system has advanced custom reporting tools and an extensive network of healthcare providers. However, it can be difficult to use for some users. In this AthenaHealth EMR pricing and reviews, you’ll learn what to look for in an EMR system and which features you should expect.

AthenaHealth’s Cloud-based Platform

With a comprehensive cloud-based healthcare ecosystem, athenahealth offers an EHR and practice management platform with patient engagement, care coordination, and population health capabilities. Its innovative solutions are cloud-based and continuously updated, providing a complete suite of healthcare solutions that help medical practices improve performance.

Athenahealth’s EHR and practice management suite can be used by medical practices to schedule patient visits, document clinical records, and track payments. The cloud-based EHR solution offers features like an easy-to-use EHR application and a robust, integrated billing support system. It also features a native telehealth solution and extensive reporting capabilities. Its pricing and implementation services are straightforward and include no hidden fees.

The athenahealth software also offers interoperability tools that can send patient information to the CDC’s Immunization Information Systems database. This feature can help medical practices meet meaningful-use standards set by the Medicare and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. Another feature athenahealth offers is a patient portal that allows patients to log in and update their contact information. This is done before their appointment, and it will be approved by athenahealth’s clinical staff.

A feature that many users find useful is the reporting system. The dashboard allows users to view dozens of key metrics. It also offers customized reports that can be sent to multiple recipients. It also allows users to compare their practice’s metrics against the athenaNet average to see where improvements need to be made.

Customer support is also excellent. Its staff is responsive via email, web chat, and phone. They strive to resolve most problems within a day and are available 24/7. They also offer training for users who are unfamiliar with the system. They aim to fix 87% of queries within a day.

AthenaHealth also offers a range of patient communication features, including automated appointment reminders and test result alerts. In addition, the platform includes a digital patient portal, and an app called Epocrates for physicians. Epocrates uses AI and extensive data to detect medication interactions and help prevent mistakes.

Its Affordability

AthenaHealth EMR is very affordable for practice. A basic license starts at $140 per month per user and can be expanded with modules or integrations at an additional cost. While customization is possible, it may extend the implementation time. A physician practice with extensive EHR needs will find AthenaHealth to be the best option.

AthenaHealth is one of the best EHR solutions for small and midsize practices. It is easy to use and provides a range of features that help doctors and patients communicate better with each other. The athenaCommunicator service helps patients make appointments whenever they are available. It also includes messaging campaign services to increase patient loyalty and care efforts. Finally, there is an online payment option and mobile patient scheduling tools that can be tailored to a practice’s needs.

Pricing plans are custom-made for small and midsized practices, and athenahealth does not offer a free trial. The software does not include medical practice management or billing tools, so small practice owners may need to consider additional costs. The company offers customer support through email, web support, and telephone. The company claims to resolve 87% of support issues within a day.

Athenahealth is one of the largest healthcare software providers in the US. Founded by Harvard MBA Jonathan Bush in 1997, it claims to have a database of over 160,000 providers and 117 million patients. The company has over 6000 employees. Its software is compatible with all major operating systems.

In addition to their best EMR software, athenahealth also offers cloud billing software, practice management software, and patient engagement tools. These tools help improve patient communication and engage with doctors, while also allowing the practice to manage its data and revenue. The company offers expert service and integrates with third-party applications.

Its Reports

A big benefit of AthenaHealth is the reports feature, which is a huge boon for users. It’s possible to generate reports about everything from financials to billing operations, schedules, and even patient communication. The customizable reports let you get an in-depth understanding of your practice’s metrics, and they can be sent to several recipients at once. Additionally, you can compare your practice’s metrics to those of other similar practices in your area.

Athenahealth has an expansive network of providers and healthcare providers that it works with. It’s also easy to use, and it’s easy to train new users. The athenaOne software also makes it easy to integrate across devices, and its follow-up appointment system helps medical institutions get paid on time.

As one of the largest medical software vendors, Athenahealth’s reports feature customizable data reports with limitless filters. The reports allow you to see how your practice compares to other practices in the athenaNet network. You can also use athenaOne’s data to determine which practices are getting better results by analyzing their KPIs.

The interoperability tools provided by athenahealth software help practices meet meaningful use standards set by the Medicare and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. For instance, you can send data from your practice to the CDC’s Immunization Information System database. Another great feature of athenahealth EMR is the patient portal. Patients can log in, update their contact information, and get important notifications. They can also complete intake forms before the appointment.

The AthenaHealth EMR pricing and its features depend on the size of your practice and the features you need. A practice of five physicians would pay $700 a month, or $8400 per year. This price includes the migration of up to 1000 patient records and two sessions of staff training. The cost would add up, though, if you choose to add more services.

As one of the largest health IT providers in the world, Athenahealth is highly competitive. Its recent acquisition and subsequent pivot away from the hospital market gave it the opportunity to focus on ambulatory care. The company is certified in HIPPA, MACRA and MIPS, and HITECH.

Its Interoperability

AthenaHealth is a leading EMR provider, and it has an excellent reputation for ease of use. Users generally like the software and its customer support, though some complain that the system is too expensive. However, the company guarantees results, and charges based on collections. In addition, the company offers a number of interoperability tools to exchange and curate clinical data. Its backend support is comprised of expert technical staff and automated processes to streamline administrative tasks. This makes the athenahealth platform ideal for practices that want to optimize their performance.

Interoperability helps doctors and patients make better decisions. It provides easy access to patient data from multiple EMRs and helps physicians have better conversations with their patients. It also enables providers to transfer data between different health information systems. Athenahealth’s Medical Home Network enables 13 health providers to integrate data from more than 160,000 Medicaid safety net patients. It also has a care management platform that allows doctors to manage their patients and make better decisions.

In addition to its EMR, Athenahealth also provides billing services, practice management, and patient portals. Its EMR has HIPAA compliance and is available in both on-premise and cloud versions. It is designed to help medical professionals become more efficient and reduce the time spent on screens. It also offers an easy-to-use patient portal, appointment scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant messaging. The company also has telehealth capabilities integrated into its EHR. This enables patients to join appointments without the need for specialized devices.

AthenaHealth EMR pricing varies depending on the features. The software is easy to use, error-free, and customizable to fit the needs of any practice. The company also has an impressive track record of fixing claims and increasing revenues. In addition, it provides insights into practice size and risk. These insights help improve the profitability of practices.

AthenaHealth EHR software reduces documentation time by using real-time data and insights. The software also includes pre-encounter preparation to prevent documentation complications. Another benefit is the patient portal, which allows patients to access and update their personal information online prior to their appointment.